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Giprosintez Design Institute (OOO Giprosintez) was founded on 2 September, 1952. Giprosintez has all the relevant competencies to have become a most sought-after provider of engineering design services for the chemical, refining and power industries, and holds the special qualifications to design the construction, renovation, retrofitting and liquidation of hazardous facilities. Design packages prepared by the Volgograd-based institute have been used to build, convert and upgrade more than 100 diverse facilities in Russia and abroad.

Today’s Giprosintez is a state-of-the-art enterprise using advanced hardware and software to implement industrial and civil projects for chemical, petrochemical, refining and power industries, and offering services that cover the entire project cycle from basic engineering to construction management.

Giprosintez holds 120 patents for know-how, modular solutions and processes, and is the only Russian design institute to have many years of experience in the organic silicon industry and possess proprietary know-how and technologies of trichlorosilane and polysilicon production.

Giprosintez has developed and deployed the integrated design system to ensure the maximum efficiency and international quality of the projects being designed. At the core of the system are the specialist software programs that allow for in-process static and dynamic mode calculations, process simulation, and the smart 3D modeling of the future facility’s entire lifecycle to help reduce the time and cost of its construction, operation, upgrade and liquidation.

Giprosintez employs qualified personnel trained to use the advanced specialist software products, including the 3D design software, to deliver high-quality design outputs within the timeframe stipulated by the contracts.

Giprosintez offers the entire diversity of engineering and expert services ranging from the development of business plan or design assignment to the ramp-up assistance. We also have a considerable experience of cooperation with building contractors on turn-key projects.

Giprosintez has the relevant expertise and skilled personnel to design the conversion, technology modification and revamp of industrial facilities (expansion of existing plants, construction of new production shops and lines, retrofitting, integration of new technologies) and efficiently participate in infrastructure, healthcare, culture, landscaping and land improvement projects.

Another advantage is Giprosintez’ experience in the development of liquidation, temporary closing and retrofitting projects for the chemical, petrochemical and refining industries, and the design of hazardous facilities and pressure vessels inclusive of boilers and pipelines in full compliance with applicable regulatory references.

Giprosintez’ design solutions that ensure high constructability and environmental safety have received positive customer feedback.

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