Field supervision

Field supervision aims to ensure that the facility is built in compliance with the design documentation and the performance targets are met.

Giprosintez has extensive experience of field supervision on various projects, including very sophisticated ones.

The package of our services includes:

  • - regular site visits by field supervision team;
  • - issue of additions, amendments or clarifications to design documentation;
  • - building contractor consultations;
  • - resolving current issues;
  • - construction and installation activities compliance verification;
  • - supervision of building operations;
  • - detection and recording non-compliance;
  • - construction materials procurement;
  • - drawings update in consultation with the customer;
  • keeping field supervision records;
  • - reporting to the customer.

We have competent and experienced professionals capable of providing efficient field supervision throughout our commitment period.

By engaging our field supervision professionals, you will have a construction process consistently monitored for compliance with design documentation and construction schedules so that you can benefit from a safe and reliable production facility in the future.

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