Chemical industry


Chemistry is a basic branch of the heavy industry. The chemical industry is unique for the diversity of its products and applications. The number of the chemical industry’s products is second only to that of the machine engineering. The diversity of feedstock, equipment and technologies is also an industry-specific feature.

The industry’s feedstock includes all fossil fuels, minerals, air, the scrap of the ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy and the chemical waste. The design of chemical facilities is Giprosintez’ absolute priority.

We can offer:

  • - Integrated design of smaller and larger acid and alkali plants
  • - Integrated design of innovative styrene-butadiene TEP production plants
  • - Integrated design of organic reagent and high-purity product pilot plants
  • - Design of LABS plants
  • - Integrated design of mineral fertilizer plants
  • - Integrated design of sodium hydroxide plants
  • - Integrated design of nitrogen plants
  • - Integrated design of semiconductor plants
  • - Joint projects of process lines for chemical facilities
  • - Integrated design of concentrated trimethyl carbinol (TMK) plants
  • - Design of feedstock and product metering systems
  • - Integrated design of chemicals storages; etc.

Petrochemical industry

Petrochemical industry is a rapidly progressing branch. Chemization is extensively penetrating all industries. Petrochemistry produces synthetic materials and items from oil refinement products and natural gas. Crude oil has a composition that makes it desirable feedstock for many items we use routinely.

We can offer:

  • - Design of rubber plants
  • - Design of feedstock and product metering systems
  • - Integrated design of LPG storages and oil tank farms
  • - Integrated design of hydrocarbon feedstock plants (for the production of ethylene, acetylene, propylene, polyethylene, divinyl, benzene and surfactants)
  • - Integrated design of synthetic materials and fuels plants
  • - Integrated design of paints and lacquers
  • - Integrated design of rubber goods plants; etc.
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