Crude refining

The refining industry is among the most prospective ones. The industry uses competent labor and large resources.

Modern requirements to the variety and quality of petroleum products encourage the industry’s growth and technical improvement. We design equipment and facilities to yield extra high quality products.

Our product portfolio for the refining industry includes:

  • - Integrated design of refineries
  • - Integrated design of terminals and tank farms
  • - Working documentation development for tank farm expansion and upgrade projects
  • - Design of heavy-duty deep conversion and fuel production plants
  • - Design of hydrocracker, catalytic cracker, visbreaker plants, etc.
  • - Design of aromatic extraction units
  • - Design of reformer plants
  • - Design of hydro-treatment plants
  • - Integrated design of hydrogen plants (with demand for hydrogen increasing every year due to the advancement of crude processing, the tightening quality requirements to fuels and lubricants, and the growing demand for fuel desulfurization); etc.
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