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11 December, 2017. In support of the local time referendum.

Giprosintez employees have contributed to the sign-in for resetting to Volgograd time. The regional electoral committee is collecting signatures for the local time referendum. More than 40 thousand signatures have been received by now. The referendum is to decide whether the people of Volgograd would prefer to live to the regional time. The authorities plan to combine the referendum with Russian Presidential Elections. More details

4 December, 2017. Giprosintez improves health & safety qualifications .

     Health and safety of employees has always been top priority for Giprosintez Design Institute. Invariably high health & safety standards are implemented in the designs we develop. To improve the health & safety qualification, a group of Giprosintez employees have completed the dedicated training course at the International Personnel Training Center of Volgograd Chamber of Trade and Commerce.

27 November, 2017. Productive networking at Industrial Exposition.

     Giprosintez was a guest of the Volgograd Industrial Exposition at Volgograd Expo Center where about 70 companies, universities and R&D institutes from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladimir, Astrakhan, Tolyatti, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and the Republic of Belarus came to present their innovative technologies and products. Many productive meetings took place there and lots of mutually beneficial cooperation prospects were discussed.

21 November, 2017. Giprosintez’ young employees to take part in regional conference

Volgograd State Technical University is hosting the Regional Conference that has summoned six hundred young scientists. This is a good chance for them to present their projects. Giprosintez’ young engineers are also to take part in the Conference. ‘Students and young scientists can use the Conference to publicly present their projects,’ said the Deputy Governor Zina Merzhoyeva at the opening ceremony. Best projects will be supported and implemented in respective industries.


20 November, 2017. Giprosintez Day

To mark its anniversary, Giprosintez is conducting the traditional ‘Linger you now…’ photo contest, the Best Rhymed Congratulation contest and the ‘Talents Fair’ every employee is welcome to take part in. The contests’ results will be summarized on 1 December, 2017.

16 November, 2017. Happy Design Engineer Day!

Dear colleagues, We are happy to congratulate you on the National Design Engineer Day. A design documentation package developed competently to a high quality level is the prerequisite to a reliable foundation and sturdy construction of a future project. Every design we develop contains a part of our soul embodied in buildings, structures and facilities intended to enhance people’s wellbeing and comfort. May you thrive through lots of new promising projects, may the customers be reliable and appreciative of your work.

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