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16 June, 2017Chemical weapons destruction facilities designed by Giprosintez complete their mission

     Moscow, 13 June 2017, INTERFAX MNA. Colonel General Valery Kapashin, Head of the Federal Directorate for Safe Storage and Destruction of Chemical Weapons (http://www.химразоружение.рф) tells INTERFAX MNA that Russia has finished destroying the chemical agent sarin.

     ‘In pursuance of the Chemical Weapons Convention and under the RF Chemical Weapons Destruction Program, we have fully terminated another chemical agent, sarin. Destroyed previously was the stock of mustard gas and soman,' said the Colonel General.

     As of 13 June, 2017, Russia has destroyed 39,528 t of chemical warfare agents, i.e. 98.9% of the overall 40,000 t stock. The six destruction facilities have fulfilled their individual missions, the work being ongoing only at the seventh and last facility Kizner, Republic of Udmurtia.

     ‘For the Kizner facility, Giprosintez Design Institute, Volgograd (, General Designer on the international program for the chemical weapons destruction and the destruction facility demilitarization and cleanup, has designed two lewisite and Vx munitions destruction buildings to be commissioned on 1 July,’ – said Colonel General Kapashin. ‘The entire stock of these will be safely destroyed by the end of 2017, thus to be done with the chemical weapons in the Russian Federation. The chemical agents decontamination experience assembled over 15 years, cutting-edge solutions and the efficient domestic chemical weapons destruction technologies have enabled us to finish the chemical disarmament program a year ahead of the plan and thus save more than RUB 1 bn of the federal funds and, which is more valuable, earlier eliminate the hazards associated with the aging munitions that affect primarily the local population.’

     Giprosintez Design Institute is a major contributor to Russia’s performance under the Chemical Weapons Convention.

     The Institute has prepared Feasibility Study for all the seven Russia’s CWDFs and the detailed design for CWDF Gorny, Saratov region; Shchuchye, Kurgan region; and Kizner, Republic of Udmurtia.

13 June, 2017 Giprosintez, a socially responsible company

     The Management of Giprosintez have always valued social guarantees among the Institute's top priorities. As due reward, Giprosintez has recently received the Letter of Appreciation from the Volgograd regional department of Russian Pension Fund. The letter expresses gratitude to Giprosintez and its General Director F. Sokolov for the consistent socially responsible practices, timely payment of the pension and healthcare contributions and promoting employee social guarantees.
Letter of Appreciation from the Volgograd regional department of Russian Pension Fund

9 June, 2017 Diversification as necessity

     Recently Giprosintez participated in the meeting of the Volgograd Regional Council of Russian Engineering Union. Issues discussed at the meeting included the prospects of machine engineering in Volgograd region and the governmental support of engineering plants, in particular of machinery exports. Statistically, the 2016 machinery production decline slowed down dramatically. Moreover, some rise in the production is forecast. A prerequisite for that is the upgrade of existing and construction of new factories. Girposintez has the experience of work for large machine engineering companies, for instance PAO KAMAZ, OAO Kuznetsov and some others. To diversify our activities, we plan to continue bidding for design jobs in the machine engineering.

6 June, 2017 Giprosintez to enhance intellectual property scopes

     Giprosintez took part in the academic and business conference ‘Actual issues of legal protection and legitimate use of intellectual property and proprietary product identifiers’. The event was organized by the Volgograd Regional Committee for Economic Policy and Development, Volgograd Regional Engineering Center (‘Regional Business Incubator’), Federal Directorate for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) and Volgograd Chamber of Commerce and Trade. Representing Giprosintez was our lead specialist for intellectual property issues. Rospatent experts answered questions from the audience and commented on the most burning issues regarding the legal protection and legitimate use of intellectual property and proprietary product identifiers. Also discussed was the governmental support of intellectual property protection. At the roundtable workshop, the Giprosintez representative exchanged relevant experiences and told about the intellectual property management practices employed by Giprosintez. The guests agreed that such meetings are essential for enhancing the corporate knowledge of the best ways to safeguard the intellectual property.

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