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11 May, 2017 Competition for the RF Government Quality Award

Giprosintez, winner of the 2008 RF Government Quality Award, is now preparing to duplicate the success and compete for the 2017 RF Government Quality Award. The Quality Award is the highest prize for Russian companies valuing the quality as their primary competitive advantage on the home and international markets.

10 May, 2017 New phase in application of cutting-edge equipment

Giprosintez representatives visited the 16th Russian National Exhibition ‘Elektro-2017. Energy Saving’ to see the expositions most interesting for the Institute, namely, ‘Design and engineering of energy facilities and power supply systems’, ‘Lighting systems for offices, industrial facilities and warehouses’, ‘HV and LV equipment and instruments’.

9 May, 2017 Giprosintez congratulates the colleagues, partners and citizens of Volgograd with the Victory Day

We are 72 years away from the end of the World War II. For several generations of Russian people the Victory Day is the sacred day to remember the more than 200 million of compatriots who sacrificed their lives for the Great Victory. To mark the Victory Day, on May 9th Volgograd will see the Parade of Volgograd garrison in Square of Fallen Fighters. At 12:00 the same day, the Immortal Regiment procession will start from Pavlov’s House to march as far as Mamayev Kurgan. The memory of this Great Victory will pass to the future generations.

5 May, 2017 Integrated quality management system at work

The comprehensive audit of Giprosintez’ deployed quality management system has proved its high efficiency and performance rating. The current certificate confirms that the quality management system, ecological management system and HSE system Giprosintez adheres to while preparing design documentation and performing engineering surveys affecting the safety of permanent structures, including hazardous and highly technical ones (except nuclear facilities), as well as while executing capital facility construction, renovation, overhaul and construction management projects (except extra hazardous, highly technical and nuclear facilities) complies with GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001-2015), GOST R ISO 14001-2007 (ISO 14001-2004), GOST R 54934-2012 (OHSAS 18001-2007).

7 April, 2017 Meeting at PAO Khimprom Novocheboksarsk

In Novocheboksarsk, a meeting between PAO Khimprom and Giprosintez took place. Some time before, Giprosintez was general designer of Novocheboksarsk chemical plant. More than 50% of the production units were designed by Giprosintez. Today Khimprom Novocheboksarsk is a sustainable chemical facility with vast plans of upgrade and expansion. The hosts took a keen interest in Giprosintez’ presentation that demonstrated our integrated design capacities as applicable to the design of chemical production plants and other facilities. At the meeting, the parties agreed that they both would benefit from revival of cooperation.

17 March, 2017 New steps towards optimized design workflow

On 17 March, 2017 Giprosintez’ Information Technologies department held a workshop titled ‘New features of Titan software’. Presented were the recent improvements of Titan design software added to optimize and facilitate the work of engineers.

10 February, 2017 Another process stream for Omsktekhuglerod

On 10 February, 2017 the design work started as advertised earlier by Volgograd region’s Industry and Trade Committee. Article: Omsktekhuglerod to build a new process stream According to VolgaPromEkspert, Omsktekhuglerod’s Board of Directors decided to expand their Volgograd facility by building another process stream. The stream will have a capacity of 40 thousand tons per year. The contracting process with Giprosintez is currently under way. In addition to construction of the process stream, this investment project is to include further upgrade of the feedstock and energy infrastructure. The process stream will start operation early in 2019. For reference, last summer Omsktekhuglerod Volgograd commissioned the fourth process stream and completed the construction of a 20.5 MW combined heat and power plant, currently under testing and commissioning. Total investment on the project amounted to RUB 1.4 bn. Information from VolgaPromEkspert: Presently the plant produces 200 thousand tons of carbon black per year. 80% of Omsktekhuglerod Volgograd’s 2016 product was exported. The company’s major partners are in Hungary, Poland, Romania, Turkey and Belarus. The company also exports to Bulgaria, India, Italy, Canada, Serbia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

On 20 January, 2017 Visit by Russian manufacturers of cutting-edge explosion-proof power equipment

On 20 January, 2017 a meeting was held with Russian manufacturers of cutting-edge explosion-proof power equipment from Saint Petersburg. The guests showed samples of their products and provided expert advice on equipment selection and operation. State-of-the-art high-tech equipment is a prerequisite of a successful project. Adhering to this principle allows Giprosintez to keep its position among Russian leading design institutes.

On 17 January, 2017 Military hospital engineering design begins

On 17 January, 2017 Giprosintez signed the state contract with Russian National Guard (Rosgvardiya) for the survey and design activities on the project ‘Reconstruction and expansion of military hospital No. 7 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RF’, Khabarovsk, pursuing the 2016 permanent construction itemized list. Next day after the signing, Giprosintez proceeded with the work. However, this is not the first medical facility in Giprosintez’ portfolio. The experience we have will ensure timely completion of the project to the characteristically high quality standards.

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