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9 October 2017.  Process automation as a road to digital economy.

     On 4 October, 2017 Volga Hall, Volgograd, housed Volgograd Industrial Automation Forum 2017.

     Thanks to high technologies, we can productively integrate automated process control systems in manufacturing industries. Integrated automation of industrial plants invariably improves performance and increases output. APCS, by taking on the hard and monotonous labor, leaves people enough time to concentrate on strategic and creative challenges.

     All design packages developed by Giprosintez normally contain the APCS sub-package.

     This year, Volgograd Industrial Automation Forum focused on:

1. automation;

2. instruments and controls;

3. electrical;

4. services and maintenance.

     Topical subjects for discussion:

1. Industry 4.0 as a tool to make a manufacturing business profitable;

2. Environment Protection Federal Law FZ-219: emissions monitoring solutions and alternatives;

3. Managed maintenance programs for industrial plants: from theory to practice. Implementation at Volzhskiy Orgsintez plant.

     Giprosintez was a guest and contributor to the Forum.

29 September, 2017Putin calls chemical weapons destruction in Russia a historic event


     The last ammunition of Russia’s chemical weapons stock was destroyed, witnessed by Russian President Vladimir Putin watching the operation over the space bridge that connected Novo-Ogarevo, Moscow area, with Kizner chemical weapons destruction facility, Udmurtia.

     President called that a historic event.

     ‘It would not be an overstatement to call this event historic considering the vast weapons stock that we inherited from the Soviet Union and that, as experts claim, could have killed the life on earth several times over. This is a huge step towards shaping this world into a safer and more harmonious place. This means our country has fulfilled its principal international obligation under the Chemical Weapons Convention,’ Putin said.

     Putin also expressed his hope that other countries would follow Russia’s example of chemical weapons destruction.

     ‘It is a known fact that of the world’s two largest chemical weapons holders, Russia and the US, the US falls behind the destruction deadlines and continues keeping the chemical weapons stock. They have rescheduled the destruction three times, for instance on an implausible excuse of lack of budget, but it’s just as well. However we do expect the US to join other countries in fulfilling the international obligations,’ the Presidential Press Office quotes.

25 September, 2017 Giprosintez takes part in the Volgograd industrial exposition

 On September 20-22, Volgograd Expocenter hosted the 17th National Professional Exposition PromEXPO and the 43d Professional Exposition StroyEXPO Housing & Utilities. About 50 companies from Volgograd and other Russian regions took part in the expositions.

     The group exposition of Volgograd region’s industrial companies was presented at the stand of the regional Industry and Trade Committee.

     The exposition program included the workshop ‘Use of composites in the civil and housing & utilities sectors.’ At the workshop, Giprosintez’ Commercial Director Sergey Klimenko answered the questions about incorporation of composite materials in design solutions.

13 September, 2017 25 years of collaboration.

     Late August marked 25 years since the founding of the Federal Directorate for Safe Storage and Destruction of Chemical Weapons. Over this period, the Directorate and Giprosintez worked in close partnership implementing the Federal Targeted Program for chemical weapons destruction in Russia.

     Three of Russia’s seven chemical weapons destruction facilities have been designed by Giprosintez.

     According to the Federal Directorate (www.химразоружение.рф), the last 44t of chemical weapons will be destroyed in September at Kizner Facility, Republic of Udmurtia, to wind up the Federal Targeted Program. This means annihilation of the 40,000t of chemical weapons we had to deal with at the start of the Program.

28 August, 2017  The Federal Biomedical Agency 70th anniversary

     On 21 August, the Federal Biomedical Agency (formerly 3d Main Directorate with the Ministry of Health of the USSR) celebrated its 70th anniversary. From this day of 1947, the Federal Biomedical Agency has been pursuing its important mission, inseparably intertwined with the history of the country. Under the auspices of the Agency, Research & Development Institutes, healthcare institutions and sanitary & epidemiological inspectorates have been founded and successfully operating. For seventy years the Agency has been on guard of health and safety of the millions of people working for the benefit, prosperity and technical advancement of our country. This the world’s sole industrial health and safety system that covers the entire nation, counting 150 thousand officers in 188 offices and 38 regional directorates.

     Giprosintez is happy to congratulate Volgograd Healthcare Center of the Federal Biomedical Agency and personally its Director Tatyana Ledovskaya on this remarkable event and wish them the best health, prosperity and brightest outlooks.

18 August, 2017 Chemical sub-industries development plans, invitation to collaboration

     According to, in pursuance of the Implementation Plan of the Chemical and Petrochemical Complex Development Strategy for the period ending 2030 (RF Government Decree No. 954-p dated 18 May, 2016) Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade is devising roadmaps for the various chemical sub-industries.

     Giprosintez Design Institute is willingly contributing its design expertise to the realization of such plans.

10 August, 2017. August 13th, Builder’s Day

     Traditionally, the second Sunday in August is Russian Builder’s Day. This is the day to congratulate all builders, civil engineers and associated professionals and thank them for their work the importance of which cannot be overstated.

     Any construction project starts from design documentation. Giprosintez design institute, Volgograd, has more than 60 years of design experience. Over this period, we have engineered about 110 industrial facilities and numerous advanced plants for the chemical, petrochemical, refining and civil industries in dozens of places in and outside the RF.

     Designs developed by Giprosintez are the warrant of efficient construction and the continuous and safe operation of future facilities. Our high competence is confirmed by the positive feedback from our customers and contractors.

     Giprosintez is happy to congratulate the colleagues and partners on our professional holiday and wish them good health, prosperity and many new achievements.

4 August, 2017 Giprosintez for Russia’s forest industry complex

     Giprosintez design institute, Volgograd, has been recently cooperating with Mondi Syktyvkar, one of the largest pulp and paper enterprises in Russia. Some design jobs for Mondi have been successfully completed by Giprosintez, with more projects under way.

     On 26 July, Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade held a meeting to discuss the forest complex development strategy for the period ending 2030. The meeting summed up the work on the final document to be submitted to Russian Government in September 2017.

     According to, Mondi, a recent partner of Giprosintez, was a contributor to the Strategy along with many other forest complex companies.

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