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18 August, 2017 Chemical sub-industries development plans, invitation to collaboration

     According to, in pursuance of the Implementation Plan of the Chemical and Petrochemical Complex Development Strategy for the period ending 2030 (RF Government Decree No. 954-p dated 18 May, 2016) Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade is devising roadmaps for the various chemical sub-industries.

     Giprosintez Design Institute is willingly contributing its design expertise to the realization of such plans.

10 August, 2017. August 13th, Builder’s Day

     Traditionally, the second Sunday in August is Russian Builder’s Day. This is the day to congratulate all builders, civil engineers and associated professionals and thank them for their work the importance of which cannot be overstated.

     Any construction project starts from design documentation. Giprosintez design institute, Volgograd, has more than 60 years of design experience. Over this period, we have engineered about 110 industrial facilities and numerous advanced plants for the chemical, petrochemical, refining and civil industries in dozens of places in and outside the RF.

     Designs developed by Giprosintez are the warrant of efficient construction and the continuous and safe operation of future facilities. Our high competence is confirmed by the positive feedback from our customers and contractors.

     Giprosintez is happy to congratulate the colleagues and partners on our professional holiday and wish them good health, prosperity and many new achievements.

4 August, 2017 Giprosintez for Russia’s forest industry complex

     Giprosintez design institute, Volgograd, has been recently cooperating with Mondi Syktyvkar, one of the largest pulp and paper enterprises in Russia. Some design jobs for Mondi have been successfully completed by Giprosintez, with more projects under way.

     On 26 July, Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade held a meeting to discuss the forest complex development strategy for the period ending 2030. The meeting summed up the work on the final document to be submitted to Russian Government in September 2017.

     According to, Mondi, a recent partner of Giprosintez, was a contributor to the Strategy along with many other forest complex companies.

28 July, 2017 Industrial facility designed by Giprosintez audited by Oblstroynadzor

     As reports, this July the Volgograd Regional Inspectorate of the State Construction Supervision Agency made a non-routine field audit of the town-planning legislation compliance at the crop protection chemicals shop, recently completed on the premises of Kaustik chemical plant, Volgograd, ul. 40 let VLKSM 57.

     Notably, the shop was promptly and efficiently designed by Giprosintez design institute.

     The 2135.0 tpa shop with an area of 2095.8 m2 is to produce nine types of crop protection chemicals. The shop occupies a 0.56 ha site with paved access ways, walkways and railways.

     The audit found no non-compliances.

     After the audit, the Inspectorate issued to OOO Volga Industry, the developer, the Permanent Facility Compliance Conclusion to confirm overall conformity to all applicable regulatory references.

     The findings of the audit are another proof of the high professional expertise invariably demonstrated by Giprosintez’ engineers.


14 July, 2017 Giprosintez congratulates partners with anniversary.

KaustikVolgograd, the largest Russian chemical manufacturing facility, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Kaustik and Giprosintez have a long history of successful partnership. A number of operating production plants have been built or upgraded based on Giprosintez’ designs, and the potential of further mutually beneficial cooperation is evident. Giprosintez is happy to congratulate Kaustik on this remarkable event and wish them good health and well-being for the personnel and continuous thriving for the business.

4 July 2017. Emergency Preparedness of Giprosintez personnel

     On 27 June, 2017, Giprosintez had the planned in-process fire drill for the entire personnel including the management.

     The drill was to ensure that the employees can adequately identify an emergency and then handle it accordingly, for instance correctly use emergency firefighting equipment and evacuate promptly in a controlled way. Another task was to see how external emergency units would respond and how the evacuation of people and valuables would be organized.

     The drill was done in 3 steps: Step 1: internal fire warning system alerted personnel during working hours; Step 2: civil defense units (fire brigade, medical aid post, public security, public address) were put on alert; Step 3: personnel and visitors left the building; proper use of emergency firefighting equipment was demonstrated.

     It took about six minutes for the entire personnel to evacuate. The drill showed good evacuation and fire extinguishing skills. We may conclude that the goals were reached in full and the personnel acquired some valuable experience in handling an emergency.

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