High competence, motivation, responsible attitude to clients and partners, and the team spirit of Giprosintez’ personnel are the Institute’s timeless assets and the prerequisite of its continuous progress.

Giprosintez runs an effective personnel training and promotion system to help the employees evolve professionally and personally.

Giprosintez employees are offered the following pre-certification training and advanced training courses:

  • - Industrial Safety General Requirements,
  • - Industrial Safety Requirements for the Oil and Gas Industry; Industrial Safety Requirements to Design of Chemically Hazardous Industrial Facilities,
  • - Industrial Safety Requirements to Design of Hazardous Industrial Facilities for Petrochemical Applications,
  • - Industrial Safety Requirements to Design of Gas Distribution and Gas Supply Lines,
  • - Occupational Health and Safety of Executives and Employees,
  • - Minimum Fire Safety, and others.

Рабочее место сотрудника "Гипросинтез"

Welfare options offered to our employees: 

  • - Employment according to Russian Labor Code;
  • - Complete employee benefits package;
  • - Convenient working hours: from 8:30am to 5:22pm Monday through Thursday, 8:30am to 4:22pm Friday; 12:00am to 12:40am lunch break, flextime option;
  • - Remote work option;
  • - State-of-the-art and comfortable working environment;
  • - Potential to contribute to large and/or interesting projects;
  • - Conditions for personal fulfillment;
  • - Social welfare programs.

Giprosintez is committed to ensuring employee welfare and improving employee living standards. Among the welfare options available to the personnel are reduced-price or free-of-charge vouchers to Russian health resorts, and the pre-employment and regular medical screenings.

"Giprosintez&quot employee workplace;

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